The New England Ball Project is a regional "one-name" study that attempts to identify as many "Ball" surname persons resident in New England at some time between 1630 and the present and to link them to all of their descendants. While the Project includes tracking descendants of the Ball daughters through all surnames, the focus of the Project is on the Ball surname and additions to the trees beyond the Ball surname will be done on an ad-hoc basis, generally because someone else has contributed the material.

Is your Ball line incomplete or missing here? I welcome information on your branch of the family including photos. Click the "add & correct" tab for details.


Click on the "site search tool" tab above to find a specific person by entering the data you have .  Be aware that both given names and surnames can have variations in spelling ("Catherine", "Catharine", "Katherine", "Kate", "Cathy", etc.).  Careful use of the two wildcards can avoid missing variations due to spelling.  Please note that the search executes in your web browser, so with the large size of the Project website the "Search Form" takes several seconds to load and generally will not work on small devices such as iPhones, etc. 

If the "Search Form" does not work, simply click on the "Master Index" tab above. All of the people on the Master Index pages are listed in alphabetical order by surname, then by given name(s), and then by birth date.  Scan down for the range of names that potentially includes the person you are searching for; click on that line and on the new page scroll down to your target name.  Click on the target name to go to that person's page.

If you are only interested in people at a specific location, click on the tab that says "place index", scroll down and click on an underlined place to go to a list of all people that reference that place.  Similarly, click on any photo in the "photo gallery" to go to that person's page.

Pedigrees: If the person you are looking at has "Pedigree to ..." under their name you can click on that link to get the lineage from the person being viewed back to the Ball branch head they descend from.  Once at the pedigree chart the person's name you just came from will have a light gray box around it.  Click on any "+" sign and the pedigree will expand that family and you can navigate to more distant relatives.  At the moment the largest charts are limited to ten generations of descendants from the immigrant Ball.  Any name highlighted in orange is duplicated elsewhere in that chart.


I need more Ball-surname candidates for yDNA testing; check criteria on the DNA tab to see if you qualify for a FREE test.  While you are there click on the following link (article) to read about some of the interesting results from this DNA study.

There are several famous people in the "photo gallery", including a US President, a British Prime Minister, a sculptor, several movie stars and several sports stars.


Do you have a family Bible that includes people on this website?  Scans of the publication page and the family pages would be appreciated.  Send to the email link below.