To contact me by email, click on the Compiler name at the bottom of any page or use the email address in the box at the bottom of every page.  While email is by far my preferred mode of correspondence, to contact me by letter, send it to David G. Ball, 131 - 3300 Capilano Road, North Vancouver, BC, V7R 4H8, Canada.

Submissions are encouraged of additional material on New England origin Ball families and, particularly, corrections to data on this website (especially typos). When sending information, be as detailed as you can; provide approximate year dates when specific dates are not available. For each person please provide what you know of:

  • Name, including middle name(s) or initials, if any, as well as unusual nicknames
  • Date (day-month-year) and place of birth and please use letters for month names to avoid confusion
  • Date and place of any marriage(s) and divorce(s)
  • For people no longer living: date and place of death, as well as place of burial (cemetery name and town)
  • Spouse data including: birth and death dates with places, parent names, and data on other marriages of those spouses
  • Children (identified by spouse)
  • Photos of non-living persons in the Project
  • If you have interesting documented biographical details, such as occupations, military service, significant honors and achievements, I hope you'll include those as well.

If your information is not complete, please send me what you have now. You can always add more details later as they are discovered. I do reserve the right to selectively edit and format your text offerings to fit the overall style and content of the Project.

Full Data for Living People

Data beyond names for living people is appreciated and is entered into the Project master file, but not published on this website during their lifetime. However, there will come a time for each of us when some future researcher will appreciate that dates, places and notes were recorded for posterity.

Please send information in the form that is most convenient for you

When dealing with more than a few people, data can be forwarded as an electronic file from any genealogy software. I can generally import directly from back-up files from Family Tree Maker (2008/2009), Family Gathering, Family Origins, Generations, Legacy, PAF, Roots IV, The Master Genealogist, Ultimate Family Tree, and Visual Roots. All other software users need to generate a GEDCOM to provide data electronically. Ask me, if you need help to prepare a file.

If you are sending your information as text, I can receive data submitted either as an attachment to an email (MS-Word document, text file, PDF, or JPG) , detailed in the body of an email, or sent by postal service. 

Photos and Documents

Photos on the website are limited to non-living individuals. When known, it is helpful to include an estimate of the date each photo was taken, along with identification of the people in each photo.  As can be seen in the website photo gallery, it is nice to have young adult photos paired with photos taken later in life.  I can do cropping, some photo repair, and the sizing and joining of two photos.  I prefer to receive files 100K or larger for portraits and 400K or larger for groups, but will work with what is available.  Alternatively, you can send the actual photos by postal mail and I will scan them and return them to you.